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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please find below our engagement models

Fixed-price projects

-Turn-key solutions tailored to allocated project budget and preferred time-frame
-Total project costs are fixed in the beginning
-Undemanding in terms of client-end involvement and resources
-Responsibility for observing deadlines is assumed by Margintech

Dedicated teams

-A team of the resources required is selected in close collaboration with the client
-The team is completely at the disposal of the client
-The client organizes the working processes in terms of time, priorities and complexity
-Optimal solution for companies that wish to extend temporarily their production forces

Time & Material

-We manage a team of software specialists on an as-needed basis with optimal efficiency
-The client specifies requirements, monitors progress, and receives status reports on a regular basis
-Weekly and monthly reports for the hours worked by each team member are sent to the client
-Client is billed based on exact hours worked by the team members during the month

White label & Proprietary

-Full White Label solutions
-Customize on client requests
-We provide 2nd/3rd level support
-EULA framework
-Dynamic commission scheme
-We provide  full application development.