Accept Crypto Payments

Looking for a hassle-free way to accept cryptocurrency payments for your business?
Look no further, Our all-in-one crypto payments platform is user-friendly and comprehensive, manage payments from start to finish. You can start selling in minutes thanks to our easy setup process. Let us handle the payment details so you can focus on growing your business.

Margintech Bridge full solution

Modular Flow

Pick your module to integrate web3 power

Margintech secure web3 Log in

Check in

Social login, Mobile, existing wallet, Wallet Generate, all in one click !

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Margin tech top up and deposit FIAT to Crypto, Crypto to crypto


Offer, your client secure top up with credit card, native crypto cross blockchain instant deposit.

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Margintech crypto Liquidity provider


No exposure risk ! allow any currency deposit in real time and stay market neutral.

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Margintech web3 crypto deposit reconciliation


Reconciliation made easy with blockchain features and check any deposit in light admin.

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Margintech real time blockchain reports

Full Scan

Check legit deposit validation with full access to all currency scan type.

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Margintech crypto mobile deposit


update your web2 Database with web hooks or API real time access.

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