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Code refactoring best practices: when its time (and when its not) to do it

Code refactoring best practices: when its time (and when its not) to do it

What is code refactoring?

Code refactoring is the practice of rearranging existing computer code—changing the factoring—without altering its outward behavior in computer programming and software design. Refactoring seeks to enhance the software's functionality while also improving its design, structure, and/or implementation.

When should I consider refactoring my code?

Refactoring is best thought of prior to updating or adding new functionality to existing code. Before adding new programming, go back and clean up the existing code to increase the quality of the final result and make it simpler for future developers to expand on it.

Consider refactoring might save you money but might cost you a lot ! 

When it’s not the right time to refactor my code?

Before doing anything, make sure you have a backup of your code. Make sure you are working on your local branch if you are using Git or another VCS. Check to see if your test coverage is adequate; ideally, it should be 80% or above. Consult your QA/Testing Teams for advice or assistance.

Code refactoring is relevant at company early stages

Your application grows more complicated as it develops. Your development process will be slowed down by the building of technical debt. With practice, you'll find it challenging or even impossible to estimate tasks accurately. Additionally, the amount of time required for problem fixes may fluctuate.

"Setting and achieving new goals is challenging in this circumstance. Your company can start losing money and lagging behind rivals. The members of your development team won't be pleased either. They'll probably spend the entire day sitting down and fixing issues."

You should increase the number of developers on your team. However, this won't result in a significant improvement. The unfamiliar people would struggle to comprehend the complex code.

Going back and cleaning up would help you escape those problems !

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